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Adult & Family Counseling is an established mental health practice with a wide array of services for adults, couples, adolescents and children. We offer flexible daytime and evening hours, Monday through Friday. We know that making the decision to seek counseling is difficult and we try our best to answer your phone calls and schedule appointments as quickly as we can. We accept most insurances, and our billing staff will submit claims for payment.

Individuals often wonder when to seek professional counseling. The decision to see a therapist is never easy, but it is often the first step toward healing. An individual should consider therapy if a problem begins to interfere with the ability to:

  • be a productive student or employee
  • maintain a healthy relationship
  • stabilize and regulate emotions
  • concentrate and sleep peacefully
  • have realistic expectations of self and others
  • regularly enjoy leisure time

Studies have shown that a client's relationship with their therapist is the single greatest factor for positive change. If you are new to therapy or are thinking about switching practices, we welcome you to call and speak directly with either Ms. Steinhauer, who would be happy to describe the therapeutic process and talk about their individual approaches to mental health care.

  Portage Office
8928 Portage Road
Portage, MI 49002